2019 GMC Sierra

Newfoundland, Canada seems weirdly populous for the edge of the earth. It’s a surreal place, populated with cheery Canadians who seem genuinely happy to see you, even when they’re next impulse is to ask you to kiss a frozen cod in some sort of local rite of passage. Luckily, we’re here to drive the mighty GMC Sierra, so anyone needing to restore their dignity after the cold embrace of local seafood can simply clamber into the driver’s seat and once again reclaim a sense of empowerment, especially with the big 6.2-litre V8.

In addition to the updated 6.2-litre, the new Sierra gets a revised 5.3-litre V8, as well as an all-new 3.0-litre inline-six turbo-diesel engine that we’ll never see here in the UAE. The 5.3-litre and 6.2-litre engines take advantage of stop/start technology and new Dynamic Fuel Management for better efficiency, operating on one to eight cylinders, depending on demand, to optimize power and efficiency.

In the Denali you get Adaptive Ride Control suspension system for a more premium driving experience — which I guess some truck owners want? Anyway the tech is quite cool: sensor monitor road conditions and chassis responses in real time,allowing the system to adjustment its active dampers as quickly as every 2 milliseconds.

Outside the 2019 Sierra Denali moves the ball forward on GMCs easily recognized design DNA. Poised, and high riding, the Sierra trades on a chrome grille with a sharp, precise dimensional pattern to establish its family resemblance. In addition to this larger, more-dominant upright grille, a taller hood, and a bolder, more pronounced take on GMC’s C-shaped lighting signature.

Naturally, safety advances are on offer here as premium brands compete for the consumers trust. The 2019 Sierra Denali offers a raft of advanced safety features, including Side Blind Zone Alert, Pedestrian Detection and Low Speed Forward Automatic Braking.

Which is good, because this is the biggest Sierra yet — it sports a larger grille and dramatic lighting accentuate this, bigly. The wheels are pushed closer to the corners and shod in larger diameter tires. Denali offers 22in Ultra Bright aluminum wheels while the SLT model offers its own unique 22in dark aluminum wheels finished with chrome accents.

Inside, things are extremely well thought out. GMC has put the driver at the center of the Sierra experience, and that begins with a higher seating position that offers a confident view behind the wheel. The 2019 Sierra is the first full-size truck to offer a multi-color 3×7 Head-Up Display, which projects key vehicle information on the windshield within the driver’s line of sight. There’s also GMC’s new infotainment system: This new platform offers a smartphone-like experience with an intuitive interface, faster response and improved voice recognition.

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